✨ New
  • Benefits:
    We added dozens of new benefits
  • Vanity Referral Codes:
    Change your referral code to reflect your brand
  • Change Card Share Page Title:
    Change the title of your card share page
  • Hide Profile Picture in Card Share Page:
    Hide your profile picture on the Card Share Page for privacy
😊 Improved
  • Credits Menu:
    Quickly see available credits for free MaxRewards Gold directly from the Profile page
  • Add Referral Code:
    You now have 30 days from signing up to enter a referral code
  • Connectors:
    We made significant improvements to our connector infrastructure, so syncs should feel faster and more reliable
🛠 Fixed
  • Bank Logins:
    Fixed an issue where following a password is incorrect error continuous attempts would also fail for login