General Release

MaxRewards 2.11.12

😊 Improved
  • Amazon
    : We’ve improved our connection with Amazon/ Synchrony bank to be more reliable!
🛠 Fixed
  • Amex:
    We’ve fixed an issue with the categorization of Amex send and split transactions, to ensure they are reflected accurately
  • Chase:
    We’ve fixed an issue on the Chase sapphire card in which the rewards on individual transactions were not displaying
  • Rewards Multiplier:
    We’ve fixed an issue that caused some rewards rates to be reflected incorrectly when the multiplier was set to 1. This mainly impacted Wyndham and American airlines cards!
  • Rewards Categorization:
    We’ve updated our categorization for Kroger to ensure that it is listed as a grocery store, as it was reflected as a pharmacy at some locations
  • Turning off Bill Notifications:
    Fixed an issue where bill notifications being turned off automatically reset to 14 days.
  • Wells Fargo:
    We’ve fixed two issues around Wells Fargo cards, the first being reported transactions appearing twice, and the second being an issue around rewards displaying in the wallet and on individual transactions