General Release


MaxRewards 2.11.2

😊 Improved
  • Referrals:
    We’ve made it easier to refer people to earn free months of Gold: the referrals page is now accessible through a gift icon on the Wallet tab and there is now a referral section near the top of the Profile tab.
  • Profile tab improvements
    : We simplified the Profile section by moving logout to account details page, improving the page organization, most notably grouping the gold related items together.
  • Logout:
    The app logout has been moved to the account details page within the profile page.
  • Card Share Page:
    We’ve made the card referral page easier to access in the Profile screen.
🛠 Fixed
  • Chase Quarterly Categories:
    We fixed an issue where Chase quarterly bonus categories offers were not automatically activating.
  • Wells Fargo:
    We fixed an issue where some users were not able to see their Wells Fargo card information, either the card doesn’t show up in wallet, or shows a zero balance incorrectly.